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The CCUS Center holds two member workshops each year to discuss new research results and analyses. In addition to these, Members have access to a variety of invitation-only workshops and webinars, such as the MITEI annual research conference. Members also benefit from dedicated techno-economic analyses of the CCUS industry and exploratory research projects on groundbreaking CCUS topics.



Membership benefits

  • High-value information and insights from a variety of structured and informal sources:
    • Exploratory meetings with faculty (facilitated by the Program Manager) to develop research projects on topics of interest to the Member
    • Invitation-only workshops and conferences in which the latest research results and new directions of technology development are presented to and discussed
    • Seed projects and white papers to explore innovative ideas from faculty  
  • Connections with MIT faculty, scientists, and graduate students, which can:
    • Extend a company’s expertise outside its core competencies, creating an expanded expert network
    • Enhance the company’s ability to recruit valuable talent
    • Exposure to the startup ecosystem at MIT and in the Boston area
  • Internationally recognized research:
    • Sponsored research gives the Member access to exploratory fundamental research often not available, due to the high risks involved, to more applied corporate research groups
    • Cost-effective: A sponsor pays only part of the cost of the research it supports
    • IP rights and confidentiality are covered by the Research Agreement or a separate Non-Disclosure Agreement; sponsor has exclusive/non-exclusive licensing rights to patents, and can review research results prior to publication to avoid inadvertent disclosure of confidential information or premature disclosure of patentable information that could damage patent rights



  • On-boarding call: Co-Directors review new Member’s objectives and research interests in order to identify faculty best suited for potential collaborations
  • Semi-Annual Workshops focused on research topics identified by faculty and member companies
  • Energy Storage Techno-Economic Assessments, updated twice per year
  • Faculty Exploratory Research Fund: Seed funding of early-stage projects and white papers on topics of joint interest to Members
  • MITEI Annual Research Conference and Associate Member Symposium: All Low-Carbon Energy Center Members and MITEI Members are invited to participate in these invitation-only events
  • Access (limited) to other Low-Carbon Energy Centers’ workshops
  • Seat on the Center’s Advisory Committee: includes participating faculty and MITEI senior leadership, and provides guidance on research directions and priorities

Membership involves an annual minimum financial commitment with an initial 3-year term. A minority portion is allocated to 1) ongoing techno-economic research programs and seed projects, and 2) workshops, symposia, and other interactions with faculty. The majority portion will fund specific research projects selected by the Member. Membership includes Associate Membership in MITEI.



For additional information or to join the Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Center, please contact:

Howard Herzog
Program Manager
(617) 253-0688

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