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Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Center

An MIT Energy Initiative Low-Carbon Energy Center

The mission of MITEI’s CCUS Center is to conduct cutting-edge research and to deliver forward-looking techno-economic assessments in order to reduce the cost of carbon capture, enable secure carbon storage options, and develop carbon utilization opportunities.


Awardees will use grants to advance research in areas including energy storage, renewables expansion modeling, and the chemistry of electrocatalysts.
GE’s membership marks continued progress on goals of MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change to engage industry in solving global challenges.

Member Benefits Include

  • Semi-annual workshops
  • Unpublished proprietary analysis and research presented via member-only webinars and at workshops
  • Insights from techno-economic analysis and decision support tools
  • Member participation in formulating collaborative research programs with the faculty committee
  • Participation in the MITEI Annual Research Conference and Symposium

Learn more and join